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No matter what time of the year you are paddling and how warm/cold the water is we always advise wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) or lifejacket as well as a leash. No matter how confident a swimmer you may be, these two things are fundemental to staying safe on the water. Below is a guide as to what you can wear during different times of the year. 

Summer Paddleboarding

Probably our favourite time of year and the most popular time of year for paddle boarding – Summer. In terms of clothing, its probably one of the easiest months to dress for as well. With average air temperatures of 20 degrees in most European countries, you can be safe in the knowledge, you probably won’t be getting too much of a chill when you hit the water! For both males and females, we recommend board shorts and some sort of light-weight tee-shirt, not forgetting some sort of hat to shelter your face from the sun. Spending the day paddle boarding with the water reflecting sunlight back up can leave you vulnerable to sunburn so protect yourself. This is especially important if you are on the coast were a breeze may mask just how hot your skin is getting as you ride your SUP.

Spring/Autumn Paddleboarding 

With a drop in temperature in Spring and Autumn compared to Summer, doesn’t mean you have to quit doing SUP. In fact, our outfit recommendations don’t change too much and I’m pretty sure in thinking most of you will already own all of the items we recommend wearing. Adding an extra layer for your upper-body and potentially, some neoprene shoe boots, depending on the outside temperature, very little changes from your summer attire. Of course, if you’re more prone to the cold, you can wear as many layers as you wish, but if not you’ll probably be generating enough heat from paddling to stay warm!

Winter Paddleboarding

Winter attire really depends on what you plan to do. If it’s riding the waves on a Surf SUP, then we would advise a full-length wetsuit with gloves and neoprene boots to keep you toasty for your winter paddling. If you plan to just go for a recreational paddle on a Touring paddle board, you will be able to avoid splashing the cash on a wetsuit and alternatively, wear some thermal base layers, a waterproof top and waterproof trousers. Remember being active will help keep you warm in winter on your SUP so don’t overdress. Thinner layers are easier to regulate your temperature when you are on your paddleboard.

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