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Upon arrival at your chosen SUP school, you will first be kitted out with a suitable clothing depending on the  weather, and then given a SUP and paddle. Your SUP instructor will then explain to you about the board and how to carry it appropriately. For more infomation on what to wear during your lesson check out our page HERE

Once you're familiar with the board, you will then have the opportunity to re-adjust your paddle to a height that suits you, this is vitally important to prevent any injury and get the most out of your SUP lesson. You will be shown how to hold your paddle correctly and once this is complete, shown how to fit the leash and where it's best placed on your body.

Drills prior to getting on the water

Every instructor does their lessons differently, so we shall try our upmost to give you 2 scenarios that may happen upon entering the water...

Scenario 1

You will go through a selection of land-based drills to build up confidence, showing the basics of SUP. For example, Kneeling down, then onto Standing Up.

Scenario 2

Depending on the experience of the group, you may watch a demonstration from your SUP instructor showing a number of manoeuvres on the water and how to attract attention when in danger and how to get back to shore. You will be shown how to paddle correctly and how to do to develop your paddle strokes for more speed through the water.

Developing Techniques for Different Situations 

As your lesson progresses, you will gain a greater understanding of different movements and how to be more confident on your SUP. You will perform exercises with your peers to practice all of the previous movements you learnt and even get in a few games to keep those grins on your face!

You can also get to learn some nose 360 turns and tricks to show off about next time you're on the water! 

Improving Turns 

Before getting on the water, your SUP instructor will guide you on how to use the paddle and the best ways to improve your turns.

From learning about reverse-paddle turns to cross-deck turns, you'll soon be a pro on your SUP.

Again, depending on the development of the group, you may also get the opportunity to learn more about Surf SUP stance and changing your feet positioning for different SUP conditions. 

Back to Shore 

Once back to shore, you will be informed on how to go out paddleboarding with your friends safely and what to look out for. You will then get a deeper understanding of SUP opportunities and where to purchase boards etc. 


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