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Change of Clothes

If you're a first time SUP rider, there might be a chance you'll fall in on your first SUP lesson. Fear not, you'll constantly be under the watch of your trusty SUP instructor and you needn't worry about your swimming ability as you will be provided with a personal flotation device and a leash which you will be wearing at all time to stop you from being seperated from your board. 

Even though you probably won't you'll fall in, you certainly don't want to be shivering for the rest of the day, so we would advise you bring a change of fresh clothes and a towel with you just in case! 

Sun-Cream/Sun Hats/Sunglasses

If you're having a SUP lesson in the summer months, we would advise you bring the appropriate equipment to keep you protected. You'll be surprised at how much the sun reflects off the water and how easily it can burn you.

Pack just like you would for a summer's day at the beach. Some sort of head-wear is advised, along with sunglasses and a high factor SPF waterproof suncream.


You may get offered light snacks/refreshments at your chosen SUP school, but just in case you don't, we would advise you bring plenty of water to avoid dehydration and some energy-fuelling snacks to keep you at the top of your game! Fresh fruit and snack bars are always a winner.

You want to avoid heavy snacks to avoid you feeling bloated/sick, being on unsteady water may not help with this!


As with any activity you will be usiing up energy and perspiring so it is important to stay hydrated. Make sure you take a bottle of water with you to have before and after your session and you may even be able to take it on the board with you or have access to some during your lesson. 


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