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New SUP's 

I'm sure a lot of you fancy the idea of having your very own SUP board! Knowing no one else has pre-owned it gives you a bit of self satisfaction we know, but the truth is, most of the time this doesn't play any relevance to the performance of the board.

We admit, there is no better feeling than unpacking your pride & joy and feeling like a child on Christmas Day once again and in all seriousness, if you have the funds to do this, we do recomend this option, mainly for peace of mind to know the board has solely been used by you and to be safe in the knowledge no previous damage has been done to the board. If you are purchasing from new, remember the mantra of buy cheap, buy twice! Most boards vary drastically in build quality and performance so a premium inflatable brand is always recommended. 

Buying from new also offers the extra security of product warranties should anything go wrong as well as extended warranties if you register your board.

Second-Hand SUP's 

For those of you still a little unsure on whether SUP is the activity for you, why not invest in a second-hand board to get a feel for the product before you commit to splashing the cash on a brand-new one?!

Like many second-hand items, as long as you do your research on who you're buying from and thoroughly look over the board for any nooks and crannies, you can get some great value for your money!

If you're scared about being ripped off, you may want to go to some SUP schools and see if they have any ex-demo boards they're willing to sell to you at a reasonable price. 


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