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The difference is in the details

Not all boards are created equal, be that a hard board or inflatable. There are a range of different construction techniques now available on the market and although they may all look quite similar on the outside, there are huge differences in what happens on the inside which will effect performance. 

Performance Paddlers 

The gap in performance between inflatable stand up paddle boards and hard boards has dramatically reduced thanks to innovations such as MSL Fusion, RSS (Rocker Stiffening System) and FFC (Forward Flex Control) which are exclusive to Red Paddle Co. They offer real race winning performance but offer all the great benefits of being an inflatable product. 

General Paddlers

For those of you who simply want to paddle board for fun and when you have the time, the iSUP will be more than adequate to cater for all of your needs.

If you're not too concerned about your board getting a bit of a bashing, the iSUP is definity the better option. We can guarantee all of the family, including the dog, will want to have a go!

Summer Paddlers 

Perhaps you're purely a summer paddler... If this is the case, then the Red Paddle Co 10'6" Ride is probably the best option. If you're not going to be using your board all year and wish to store it away in the colder months, an iSUP is definitely the best bet.

Also, if you're a sun seeker and don't have the best weather in your home country, iSUP's can easily be transported in comfortable rucksacks, whether that be throwing it in a car or adding it to your checked luggage for flights, the opportunities are endless!


Obviously, depending on what SUP you choose depends on the overall transportability of the board. A hardboard is admittedly more difficult to transport due to its size and inability to fold down, but for those of you who are pretty mobile in terms of location, an iSUP would make a more compact board.

You needn't have a roof-rack or large van, when the rucksack can simply fit in the boot or laid down across your backseats. For those of you still hooked on hardboards, of course they are still high-performance boards but you should consider the transport issues if you know you'll be doing a lot of travelling.


This is a major consideration when choosing which board to buy. If you are looking for a board for all the family to use  without having to worry about damaging your equipment then the extreme durability offered by most premium iSUP's will be the best choice. Hard boards ding easily and are combersome to travel so unless you are willing to treat your board like a new born baby the slight improved performance they offer is often not worth the additional hassle. 

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